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Emergency Electrical Failure at Major Big Box Retailer due to Underground Arc Event

November 23 - 29, 2022

Late on November 23rd of 2022, the day before Thanksgiving, TLL Solutions received a call from a big box retailer about one of their stores completely losing power. TLL Solutions is not the retailer’s contracted electrical maintenance provider, but once it became apparent that there was a critical failure between the Utility transformer and the store’s main disconnect the retailer reached out to us for help.


TLL Solutions rapidly responded and spent time throughout Thanksgiving collecting all information from the Utility and the electrical maintenance provider on site and put a plan together. On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, TLL Solutions had a Master Electrician onsite cleaning gear, beginning the repairs and coordinating/directing required actions to get the store back on Utility power.


There was a major arc event in the underground conductors from the Utility transformer to the main disconnect on a 3000A service. TLL Solutions worked through the weekend, brought in additional electricians on Monday, pulled all bad wires and lugs, repulled and re-landed all new conductors and by Tuesday, November 29th had the store 100% back on Utility power and fully functional! This kind of turn around to repair such a major electrical event during a major holiday is unheard of in the industry. The before and after pictures of this job shows are particularly striking.

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